Textbook Information

All KAMS students are responsible for the core novels, library books, & textbooks that are checked-out on their school library account. Students are responsible to pay for any damaged or lost materials on their library account. 

Please click on the KAMS Textbook Photo (Left) to view the replacement cost and ISBN numbers for all KAMS textbooks.

All KAMS students can check their library account on-line to see what is currently checked-out on their school library account.  Please click the photo (Left) to watch this video and follow the instructions on how to access your library account, view due dates & cost of core novels, library books, and/or textbooks on your account. 

If you have any questions, please stop by the library and speak to any KAMS Library Staff member. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have related to your school library account.

How to Take Care of Your Textbooks!!

All students, without outstanding fines, are issued textbooks for student assigned classes. Students are expected to use and care for their textbooks appropriately. Students are responsible for any damage or lost library materials on their library account. We encourage all students to follow these guidelines to help prevent take care of the library materials assigned to them while attending KAMS.

Remember the 7-Day Rule - It’s the student’s responsibility to check the condition of each textbook for damages & report them to the librarian within 7 days after checkout!

1) Find a safe place for your textbooks at home. Keep track of your textbooks throughout the school year. (Your textbooks are on loan to you for the school year until you return them at the end of the school year. Students will have to pay for any damaged or lost textbooks at the end of the school year.) 

2) Please cover your textbooks with a book cover. You can purchase one at most stores. Paper covers are available at the library for free. (If you use a paper cover, please do not tape your cover to your book.)

3) Never write or draw in your textbook. (You will be charged for any writing or marks found in your textbook. Please erase marks you find in your book.)

4) Keep your textbook dry when it rains. Your backpack is not waterproof so wrap your textbook in a plastic bag inside your backpack when it rains. (You will be charged for any water damage to your textbook. If your book gets moldy, you will be charged for the replacement cost of the entire book.)

5) Keep track of your textbook and don’t loan them out to friends. (These books are checked out under your name only. You are responsible for any lost or stolen textbooks.)

6) Keep your younger siblings away from your library books, core novels, or textbooks. (Don't let them draw, scribble, or cause any damage to any of your school books.)

7) Keep food and drinks away from your textbook. (Keep your textbook free from any food or liquid stains.)

Lost Your Textbook? 3-steps + 3-Options Below

Step #1) Check with each of your classes & ask your teachers if a book was left in class. (Retrace your steps to determine where you last saw your book.)

Step #2) Stop by the library before school or at lunch to ask the librarian to “Look up my library account” to see if someone returned your book.  Also ask for the 4-digit number of your textbook to help identify your lost book.   (All lost books that are found are eventually returned to the library. If yours has been returned, you may check out another book with your ID CARD.)

Step #3) If your book is STILL missing ask a librarian staff about your 3 options -->>see below (Make sure you get specific replacement details from the LIBRARY ONLY.)

What Are My Options?

Option #1) PAY the full EGUSD replacement cost of your textbook (ask library staff regarding exact replacement cost.) Student will be issued a replacement textbook upon payment for his/her lost textbook. NOTE: If the lost/paid textbook is found, student have up to one year after the payment date to be issued a refund check mailed from EGUSD.

Option #2)  Pay a minimum of 10% down of the total EGUSD replacement cost & set up a PAYMENT Contract to make regular monthly payments to be paid off before end of the school year. By paying 10% down, student will be issued a replacement textbook.  NOTE: If the lost/paid textbook is found, student have up to one year after the payment date to be issued a refund check mailed from EGUSD.

Option #3) $AVE & SELF-PURCHA$E replacement textbook online with a parent/guardian’s help & credit card to make on-line purchase.  You MUST use the correct ISBN number for the exact book you lost. (Please see a KAMS Library Staff regarding the ISBN of your missing textbook.) NOTE: If you decide to purchase a replacement textbook on-line, EGUSD will NOT refund a self-purchased book if the original book is found. Student must bring a printed or digital receipt of the replacement textbook as proof of purchase to the library to be issued a replacement textbook.  A note will be put on student’s library account pending the arrival of new book.