About Our Library

The mission of PGHS/KAMS Library Media Center is to support curriculum and standards; to promote literacy and the lifelong enjoyment of reading; provide a library collection that reflects the diversity in our school, community, & world; support our students to become independent learners who can find, evaluate, and utilize information in a variety of formats in an effective, critical, and responsible way; guide students to be thoughtful, responsible, and positive digital citizens when using any digital technologies.

Welcome to KAMS/PGHS Library:

PGHS/KAMS Library is a shared 7-12 grade school library located between the PGHS and KAMS campuses. The library averages 300+ students daily, in addition to scheduled classes. The library staff is made up of 2 credentialed Teacher Librarians and 1.5 Library Technicians. Our library staff provides daily library services to over 4,000 PGHS and KAMS students, in addition to circulating over 25,000+ textbooks and core novels throughout the school year.

Resources Available at KAMS/PGHS Library:

  • 33,000+ fiction, non-fiction, and reference books

  • Access to Online Databases & Academic Resources for research

  • 62 networked computers that are available for student use with printing access

  • 30 chromebook loaners available for student check-out

Library Guidelines While at the Library:

PGHS/KAMS Library is open 20 mins before school begins, during lunch breaks, and 20 mins after-school ends. While at the library, all students are expected to follow our Library 4B’s rules (linked here) that are posted on every table in the library. Please click on the video to watch an overview of the KAMS Library Expectations presented to students during PBIS Kick Off Week. Due to limited seating at the library, we ask that students come to the library with a school related academic purpose, such as:

  • To do quiet study, reading a book, or to complete homework assignments

  • To check out a book or textbook required for class

  • To use a computer for school related assignments

  • To attend a library related event and/or library club meeting

November 2021 - Library Reopens for Students

After closure due to COVID, we welcomed students back on-campus during our 2021-2022 school year. This brief video recaps some of the library resources that are available to support students at KAMS & PGHS.

September 2020 - A Message From Your EGUSD Teacher Librarians

The 2020-2021 School Year was a difficult year for students and teachers due to instruction being taught remotely due to COVID. All 18 EGUSD Teacher Librarians created this video message to send a message of support to all our EGUSD students and teachers. All EGUSD Teacher Librarians supported students and teachers virtually, both from school and home.

April 2015 - A Peek at PGHS/KAMS Library

What happens at PGHS/KAMS Library daily? Join us on our virtual video tour to get a glimpse at some of the activities happening @PGHS/KAMS Library. Also hear what a few KAMS & PGHS teachers have to say about how our library supports both students and teachers throughout the school year.